Our Impulsion

Hello, and welcome to The Trebtich Times

We aim to get as much information as possible out of the cold hands of the academy and the clouded language of history and put it back into common usage. This is perhaps naïve and doomed to fail for a number of reasons, but we’re interested in trying nonetheless.

This website will likely be made-up of short blurbs, images, poems, long articles, some original content, whatever we can find—the size of which will largely be dictated by how much information is available for the topic. As you know, much has been lost or intentionally erased.

We’re interested in the social, interpersonal, and literal landscape of st. louis and the surrounding regions:

How did it get so toxic? Who made it this way? How was it imposed and what did people do to resist it? What worked and what didn’t? And what started out resisting but ended up enforcing it in the long run?

Though we would love to find a band of outlaws living in total harmony with the earth and each other, they likely never existed or they’ve been slurred ‘til we can’t recognize them. Part of our process will be wading through the slander, but another part will be not holding our breaths for purity. When possible, we hope to address the shortcomings and plane fucked-up behavior of some of the regions resisters as well as their inspiring deeds.

If you know of an unknown radical history of the area, please feel free to tell us about it or submit content.

And unless you’re someone trying to build a career off of these ideas, please feel free to share these histories, to tell these stories.


trebitch [at] riseup [dot] net