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Columbia, Missouri, August 2003: Mob Burns U. S. Flag

The following article is from the Columbia Daily Tribune, August 4, 2003. Though the world saw some of its largest protests ever leading up to the U. S. invasion of Iraq, the anti-war movement largely fell-apart shortly after the March 2003 start of the war. Members of this mob likely had many reasons for burning
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University City, October 2008: Blood on the Tracks Poster

This poster was made in response to the sensational and racist news coverage of an influx of black youth hanging out in the Loop in the Summer / Fall of 2008. The title specifically references an RFT article about it. Dozens of the 15” x 20” posters were wheatpasted along the Loop, including one in
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St. Louis 1897: Emma Goldman Post-Dispatch Interview

The following is a reprint of the 1897 Post-Dispatch interview with 28-year-old anarchist, Emma Goldman. We trust you’ll be able to discern for yourself what of her words are a bit silly today and which ring true 118 years later. WHAT IS THERE IN ANARCHY FOR WOMAN? “What does anarchy hold out to me–a woman?”
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St. Louis, 2006: White Supremacist Picnic Disrupted

In the early fall of 2006, the location of the Council of Conservative Citizens’ annual secret picnic was leaked. Local antifa had been trying to disband the CofCC for the past few years: harassing them at their own demonstrations and publishing counter-information about them. As far anyone can tell, after this brawl the CofCC never
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St. Louis 2007: Anti-Cop Climate During Kevin Johnson Trials

Kevin Johnson killed Sgt. William McEntee in the summer of 2005. McEntee had been involved in the death of Kevin’s 12-year-old brother earlier in the day. The following is taken from a pamphlet written in Kevin’s defense put out between his first and second trials. Though hindsight would prove some of the essay’s assertion quite
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