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Columbia, Missouri, August 2003: Mob Burns U. S. Flag

The following article is from the Columbia Daily Tribune, August 4, 2003. Though the world saw some of its largest protests ever leading up to the U. S. invasion of Iraq, the anti-war movement largely fell-apart shortly after the March 2003 start of the war. Members of this mob likely had many reasons for burning
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Paolo, Kansas, 1883: Mob kills Child Molester

While running an errand in the early evening of February 7, 1883, 9-year-old Maud Bennington was abducted by Henry Smith. Smith beat and assaulted her and left her for dead in the freezing February air. A few hours later, Maud was found and by morning gained consciousness, telling of what Smith had done to her.
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Edwardsville, Illinois, September 30, 1897

The following is a Post-Dispatch article from September 30, 1897. The year saw a wave of strikes in the mines of Illinois. This article recounts one of many instances of strikers and their families confronting scabs and police, as well as miners from other towns coming to join the picket line. This confrontation took place
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City Jail Riot and Property Damage Following MLK Assassination

From antistatstl: In April 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered, and urban areas across the country erupted in riots. New York, Baltimore, D.C., Louisville, Chicago, Pittsburgh—in all, 125 cities burned in a collective venting of frustration and anger by those fucked-over all their lives by white, capitalist Amerikkka. Rebellions also occurred within prisons, including
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St. Louis 1962: Riots After Police Kill Teenager

In 1962 after a police officer shot Donnel Dortch, a black teenager, Kinloch erupted into at least four days of protests, riots and arsons. The response of the police, city officials, the governor and media are quite similar to their Ferguson descendants 50 years later. Kinloch, Berkley and Ferguson (three touching municipalities in north St.
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