Leopold Trebitch full picture

Hello there! The names Trebitch, Leopold Trebitch. I run a lil rag called The Trebitch Times, and this here’s my website. I used to squat down ’round Carondelet.  Hell, I even got arrested once when the cops were roundin up all the anarchists on account of Czolgosz havin a go at McKinley.

St. Louis is a miserable dud of a town—but I guess they all are! To live here is to wade through the violence and boredom, the racism and misogyny and all the other applesauce and flumadiddle that keep its heart pumping one day to next. And they make ya trudge through ’til you don’t even notice it anymore!

This damned city may’ve bested me years ago, but I’m back to haunt it: diggin up tales of resistance, big and small, that they’d just as soon have us forget. Hope ya like it.

‘Til this town’s one big playground for all—not just the rich and powerful.

L. T.