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Johnson County, 1840s: John, the fugitive slave

The following is from a forth-coming history of Missouri slave resistance. 30-year-old John was a runaway slave from Kentucky living in the woods of Johnson County, Missouri. For as many as five or six years John lived free in the wilderness. During that time, he successfully hid and outsmarted his former master, E. L. McLane.
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Lewis County, Missouri 1850: Slave Uprising

Late one night, members of the McCutchan Family awoke to the sound of passing wagons and oxen. John McCutchan went to his window and saw the wagons parking in a field next to his house. Shortly afterward, he heard the hushed voices of his slaves in their nearby room. Suspecting trouble, John woke his family,
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Mother Baltimore, 1801-1882

Around 1829, 11 families lead by Mother Baltimore left St. Louis, crossed the Mississippi River, and squatted a patch of land. Some of the families had bought their freedom, others were runaways. They called their settlement Freedom Village. The area they lived, the American Bottoms, was rich with fertile soil, trees, wildlife and fish, and
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