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St. Louis 2007: Anti-Cop Climate During Kevin Johnson Trials

Kevin Johnson killed Sgt. William McEntee in the summer of 2005. McEntee had been involved in the death of Kevin’s 12-year-old brother earlier in the day. The following is taken from a pamphlet written in Kevin’s defense put out between his first and second trials. Though hindsight would prove some of the essay’s assertion quite
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John Anderson: Fugitive Slave and Killer of Slave Owner

From a forthcoming history of Missouri slavery and resistance: John had lived his whole life in Missouri, having been born into slavery in Fayette. He never knew his father who had escaped to South America when he was a baby. When John was seven, his mother was sold south after insulting their master, Moses Burton.
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Columbia 2007: NSM March Disrupted

In 2007, the National Socialist Movement announced it would be marching in Columbia, Missouri. The city government, clergy, community leaders, media and NGOs began a campaign of encouraging the town to just ignore them. While many who showed up the NSM march did so for the spectacle of it, other showed up to physically stop
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